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Connect with your inner wisdom for deep transformation

Release old restrictions and discover your true potential


Somewhere on your life`s journey, a call reaches you. It makes itself felt in different ways: through a nagging dissatisfaction with what you do or how you live, through reoccuring problems in relationships or in the workplace, or through a diffuse longing for change, a voice that asks you: “Is this that already all there is?”

You know for sure: The more you try to get rid of these feelings or ignore the clues, the more stubborn and stronger they reclaim your attention in the long run – also in the form of setbacks, stagnation, self doubts or physical discomfort. Something is wrong – but you do not know what how you can change the situation.

The good news: what you experience is completely normal. We all carry with us old patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent us from entering our true grandeur and finally taking the place that is really ours. If, on the other hand, you accept your soul`s call and express your true essence, your success, fulfillment, and well-being will exceed anything you have experienced so far.

Where are you now?


You have already made your way along your path and have achieved a lot. But now you’re stuck. You’ve lost orientation, your repeating the same old circle again and again, and you long for sense, energy, and enthusiasm to re-emerge. You feel something is waiting for you, but old limitations and fears keep you back.

There is a fork in the road ahead of you, and you are unsure of the direction you should go on. Or you are on the threshold of something new, but you do not have the courage, determination and self-confidence to take the decisive step.


Each hero sometimes needs a mentor.


I accompany you on your personal voyage and help you explore new worlds and depths, master challenges and hurdles, transform crises into growth – and finally find the treasure for which you have departed.

I will show you how to walk boldly and wholeheartedly on your unique path. You find in me a friend and mentor who moves closely with you to bring your projects, goals, and your vision into life.

Proven impulses for your solution


On the way to your true greatness, I accompany you, listen to you, share my thoughts and feelings with you, give you exercises and stimulations that will take you on the right track, encourage and inspire you. I support you to see emerging hurdles and old patterns as growth opportunities and show you how to use them as a fuel to unfold your very special gifts. I strengthen your back, hold your hand and hand you enough handkerchiefs if necessary, even virtual ones. ? Sometimes, in our exchange, a sentence or thought leads to a solution that was not visible to you before.

I guide you through some essential steps that you can re-align your life with:

1. Determine your location: Where are you now? To get ahead and reach your goals, you must know what is actually happening in your life. This requires honesty and courage. I am here for you and help you see clearly.

2. Find your vision: You came here with a unique purpose. What is yours? The wisdom of your inner voice can only be heard in silence. I will show you ways to connect with yourself and how to turn your passion into the driving force towards your highest goals.

3. Set yourself up: Say “Yes!” to yourself! I encourage you to make powerful decisions that bring forth big packs of self-confidence. Energy will follow your attention! Look at what strengthens you and fosters you, and keep your focus on your path.

4. Take concrete action: Only when you move, life can lead you. Commit yourself to your soul’s call and your greatest dream. Together, we see how you are growing through the hurdles you overcome – and what important roles your self-responsibility and your holy self-commitment play.

5. Let go of old limits: I accompany you when you look deeply and bravely into yourself – and, at the same time, bring to light all that hinders you from leading your best life. You transform your pain into your own strength and discover the treasures that have long been waiting for you.

6. Dive into the fullness of your life: You have been born with unlimited creativity! I awaken your consciousness on how you can (again) play with the magic of life and thus become fullfilled and succesful. You deserve it so much!

Dear Stefan, I immediately had a good feeling that your offer suits me. The first phone call confirmed me. Uncomplicated, easy, direct and open – that pleases me. And I felt like you know what you’re talking about – clear, confident, and self-conscious. Through your coaching my internal knowledge confirmed that MY way is correct. I have gained courage and confidence that I can really do it. You are a master of inspiration, creative ideas and actionable to do’s. My fire is rekindled, in me I feel joy, motivation, liveliness. If you introduce a rating system, I give you the full score – 100 points :-). I greatly appreciate your openness, your clear and augmented presence, your listening with heart and mind, your self-evident being. Your gift to ask the “right” questions, to pick me up where I am, without removing or adding anything is also a gift. People who are on their way to unfold their true potential, who are ready to take their self-responsibility and who have the courage to decide for themselves (even with the consequences), are in the best hands with you. Love + best regards!

Astrid Hess

My mentoring program for you


I support you by phone, Skype or e-mail – of course, we can also arrange “live” meetings. I will always provide an individual, intensive and focused accompaniment:


  • A free preliminary discussion in which you will already gain important impulses and insights from which you will profit independently of further cooperation.
  • An individual accompaniment with impulses, suggestions and exercises precisely tailored to your situation, your needs and your wishes.
  • Written impulses for further work between the talks.
  • Optional: whole-day coaching on site.
  • Optional: supplementary participation in my seminars or online courses.

If we both feel that our frequencies match, we will arrange an individually tailored package for you.

I offer this program for a period of 6 or 12 months.

Your “First Aid Package”


In order to provide you with fast and efficient support in the event of a “soul’s emergency”, I have compiled the “First Aid Package” for you. We work quickly and focused in three sessions within 14 days, between which you receive targeted impulses and exercises that will immediately improve your situation.


  • Three calls (telephone / Skype / live on site, 30-45 minutes each).
  • Written impulses between the calls.
  • Further exercises and hints on how to implement your insights and changes in your daily life.